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There are strong reasons to consider a video surveillance system for your home or business. Dmv Electric has been helping homeowners and business owners with camera surveillance systems for over 10 years.


In the world of today – Surveillance Systems are worth the investment. DMV Electric can tailor make a solution for you.


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Why You Should Consider a Video Camera Surveillance System


Video Camera Surveillance Systems are becoming more and more popular because they provide homeowners and business owners with an excellent way to keep an eye on things without the need to be present. Through a mobile app or remote desktop monitor, it has never been easier to see what is happening at home, or at the office or shop without being there.


Modern HD (High Definition) cameras are able to capture very detailed images, allowing identification of people involved in criminal activity.

With a properly designed system, you can have peace of mind that everything is okay. When an alarm is triggered you will receive a notification. By opening an app on your smartphone, in a few seconds, you are able to see exactly what the situation is. Cameras that are visible for people to see are also a good deterrent to any “would be” criminals. They will think twice about breaking in or vandalizing property.


What is a Video Camera Surveillance System?

A Video Surveillance system is a complete system that would include a number of video surveillance cameras, connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder). The NVR is a software program that records and stores surveillance video from the IP cameras in a digital format.

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras are connected to the NVR by means of CAT5e Cable. Typical NVR’s come in 4 channel, 8 channel or 16 channel, and one of these systems is usually sufficient for most homes or small businesses.

Recording Options

Now that you have decided that installing a Video Camera Surveillance System is something you need to do, recording options need to be considered. A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage recorded video from the cameras that you have installed.

The NVR needs to be sized for the number of cameras that you have. Most home and small business owners will find that a 4, 8, or 16 channel system is sufficient for their security needs. These systems are designed to digitally store recorded video, and then replace the data (record over), once the storage limit has been reached.

Camera Selection

There are an extensive range and style of cameras available. Variable focus lenses allow fine-tuning of the picture.
Vandal-proof, motion-activated, and IR (Infra-Red) cameras are other options.

There are cameras designed specifically for indoor use, outdoor use, or both.

Then there is the style of camera, with various designs of Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras being the most popular.

  • Dome Camera for video surveillance
  • Bullet Camera for video surveillance


Accessing Your System

Accessing your system is by means of one of the following two ways:

  • Local Office – Accessing the system and viewing the cameras through a monitor or monitors.
  • Remote access – Through a smart device (smart phone, tablet, or remote computer)


Design and Installation Service

Call DMV Electric today to set up an appointment to design and install a system to meet your needs.

Beginning with an in-person consultation and assessment of your home or business, we will be able to provide an option that is best suited for you.


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